I will make a piano music for your project

make a piano music for your project
make a piano music for your project

About This Gig


I can make piano track for your song, compose an EDM melody and chords, make a piano riff for a hip-hop track, compose a piano soundtrack for a video, or even compose a romantic piano music with a sheet music that you can play for your girlfriend.

As extra I can add some light string orchestration, percussion, synths to a project.

The styles I'm the most comfortable with are: pop, classical, experimental, edm, hip-hop, anime. I'm a bit less experienced about rock and jazz styles.

Please provide as much information about your project as possible i.e. the BMP data for the project, the reference music as examples, the mood and the style expected, if there is already a piano part in the song that is needed to be improved I'd like to have a "minus piano" track also. And so on. As opposite, you are completely welcome to specifically tell me that you don't want to dive deep into the details and just expect me to do what I consider best for the given task.

This gig price depend on the difficulty of the job, expect about 5-10 USD for one minute of music.