I will give you 2 x sports betting tips

give you 2 x sports betting tips

About This Gig

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My handicapping background
- My handicapping background is somewhat unique.
I'm somewhat hard to "define" as a handicapper, as I really don't rely on any one particular methodology. Rather, I combine fundamental, technical and situational techniques, making use of any and all data, which I deem to be relevant. I always pay particular attention to the 'situational' side of things. In other words, many of my plays tend to be opposite the plays of the majority of the betting experts. I should clarify that I don't consciously choose to go against the big handicapping names, more often than not, it just works out that way. I believe in keeping it simple and profitable and that is exactly what I do. I have a strike rate of 77% this quarter (across Soccer, NHL, NBA, IPTL and more).

Here is what I am offering -
  • Send you 2 well-researched tips
  • An average of 2.00 odds per play.
  • Game will not start for at least 3 hours of delivering the tip
  • These are the same games that I will put my money on and have done thorough research on.
Special Offer - If my picks end in a loss, I will provide 3 additional tips OR you get your money back. 

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3 days delivery