I will tell you about any person

tell you about any person

About This Gig

I have a gift.  I am capable of telling you many things by looking at the picture you send me.  You will discover new things about you including but not limited to:
- Relationship: how you act and interact.  What attracts you and repels you.  Intimate details that you thought no one knows.
- Social:  Type of people you need or don't need around you.  Every person is different and we all choose to socialize for different reasons.  I will bring those reasons closer to you and show you how they play in your life.
- Professional:  your strengths and weaknesses illustrated in detail.  Your areas of focus and what it would take to help you improve.  Know what you need to make you win.

There are so many other topics we can cover and I can go deep.

Are you wondering if the person you like is nice and what you have hoped he would be? 

General summary: $5
Detailed analysis with deep understanding and zooming into specific area of focus:  $40

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4 days delivery