I will secure your WordPress site or install it for you securely

secure your WordPress site or install it for you securely

About This Gig

I will safely install WordPress on your cPanel.
Secure Installation includes:
  1. Secure WP installation (Change salts keys, No Admin user & more).
  2. Writing security code to your .htaccess to optimize your server security.& site security.
  3. Writing security code to your wp-config.php to optimize your website security.
  4. Installing & configure few security plugins (free & premium) for extra security, All together with dozens of important security configurations.
  5. A full report to what was done with screenshots.

As you know a wrong installation might make Hackers life easier. There is never 100% safety about anything in life, but a correct method of installation shall make your site much more safe & your life easier.

SSL Certificate
This gig extra includes:
  1. I will provide a Comodo ssl certificate for your site.
  2. I will Install the ssl certificate on your server.

This gig extra includes
  1. Immediate backup of your site
  2. Backup plugin installation.
  3. Daily backup configuration.

Order Details

Secured WP installation

I will securely install WordPress on your Server.

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is safe installation include?
    Secured installation includes change of salt keys, No "Admin" as admin user name or allowed at all, writing security codes into your .htaccess file, writing codes into your wp-config.php file, Installing a free & a premium security plugins & do do all necessary configurations. send you a report.
  • Is SSL certificate included?
    Yes. If you ordered the gig extra for ssl certificate, you will not have to worry about anything. I will order the ssl certificate for you & install it on your server.
  • What does the backup gig extra include?
    1. A full website backup. 2. A database backup. 3. A backup plugin installation. 4. Plugin setup for daily DB backup , sent to your Dropbox or Email.