I will do A Low Competition Keywords Research For Your Niche

do A Low Competition Keywords Research For Your Niche
do A Low Competition Keywords Research For Your Niche

About This Gig

Keyword research and the importance of it

Key words
 are used based on what is being typed in Google search engines monthly.  If you create a website with words that you come up with, it's possible that people are not looking for those exact keywords when they search items or topics on Google.  

The research I provide will be low competition terms which means that a lot less of your competitors will be using them.This is why you need a research done for success.

Gig extras:

  • -I can also provide a full list low competition words.  I usually find 50 terms and more.  The goal is to create a page for each keywords and increase the amount of visits to your website or blog.  This means higher ranking for your websites and more exposure which again, leads to more sales.

  • -This Plugin lets you create as many pages as you want in a few minutes with the list of  ranking words as a title for each pages.  If you have a list of 100 keywords to use that brings you each 50 visitors a month, you now have 5000 visitors coming to you.  imagine the cost of creating those 100 pages.  It would cost a little fortune.  Simplify your task. Save Cash!

Thank you for checking out my gig.  

Order Details

1 day delivery

I will provide you with 10 keyword

I will do a research and provide you with the 10 best keywords being searched on google monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to get my keywords?
    Within a couple hours of starting your gig
  • Will you do any revisions?
    No, because the results will always be the same.
  • Do you provide a list of the backlink you create?
    Yes but, I can't provide the list until they get indexed so there might be a delay of a few days.