I will critique your Etsy shop

critique your Etsy shop
critique your Etsy shop

About This Gig

If you need help with your Etsy shop - you are in the right place. 

I am Etsy seller since 2011. Successfully selling all over the world.
I do have experience in all selling aspects, including marketing, promotion and SEO basics.

With this Gig I will email you with mini shop critique:

  • Shop name
  • Shop title
  • Shop icon
  • Shop banner image
  • Shop announcement
  • About page

  • Listing photos
  • Listing titles
  • Listing descriptions
  • Listing tagging
  • Listing pricing

*Critique will be sent as Pdf document (.pdf), with my branding on it*

Than I will provide you with some tips that will help you to improve your shop.
It is very great that you decided to sell on Etsy and if you need some extra opinion about your start - this gig will help you to concentrate on main points.

There are many other aspects another aspect which affects the successful selling, but good beginning - half of work !

I am happy to help and share experiences!

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