I will quickly edit your podcast or video

quickly edit your podcast or video
quickly edit your podcast or video
quickly edit your podcast or video
quickly edit your podcast or video

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Description Social Media Ready Standard Projects Short Films and More
  Basic video conversions, combining clips, adding music, adding text, or any other light work. Light audio video syncing, Kickstarter videos, Audio and/or video podcasts and more! Heavy audio video syncing and orginization. Heavy story oriented editing. Color Grading.
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About This Gig


  • I am offering my services as a freelance editor. I have been editing videos for myself and school for quite a while, and have been doing it on Fiverr and other websites for over two years.  I can tell you that I can precisely and quickly edit videos and export them to high resolutions.
  • I am capable of re-creating the styles of many popular Youtubers. Many Youtubers use a particular style and format that is easy to emulate. Additionally, I have worked on a few professional grade short films, and have won 3 MMEA Bronze awards for my editing. I am extremely versatile in my editing ability.
  • If you would like to hire me out for editing multiple videos or being a part of your staff, let me know. My schedule is firm, but typically open.
  • The pictures above are from previous editing projects.
  • I CAN ALSO: Provide critique on footage and scripts from an experienced film makers standpoint.
  • I CAN NOT: Perform 3D rendering or do anything related to 3D software, Create graphic or traditional art, Provide voice overs, Write a script, Do it for free

I know how important perfection is, if you don't love it, send it back and ill tweak it for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you provide closed captioning?
    I do not have the proper experience in captioning film, so I am no longer captioning any footage over 10 seconds.
  • Can I give you my Audacity/Vegas/Premiere/After Effects/ETC project file for a discount?
    Typically no, however it does depend on how much work is currently on it. From experience, workflow is very different for different people and I typically wouldn't touch another persons project file.
  • Whats your experience on Fiverr? You hid all of your work!
    I keep every single piece of work I do completely confidential, and will not be shared unless I have been given explicit permission. If you want to see some of my previous work, feel free to message me as most of it is not available to the public.
  • Can you work with RAW or other file formats?
    I sadly do not have the experience to work with RAW, I would have no way of importing it into my software, however I am able to use most other common file formats for editing.