I will give you really terrible life advice

give you really terrible life advice

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Not good at taking your own advice? Let me be of help. For just $5 I can give you some truly awful solutions on how to cope with your miserable existence. Flat tire? Don't fill it with air, that's just a waste of time and $1.50 that you will never get back. Instead try driving on it until it is nothing but a metal husk, then everyone in your neighborhood will know just how much of a bad*ss you are and won't ever try to mess with you again. I mean why would they, you're now the guy who doesn't give a sh*t that he's just driving on his rim. That's a man without a reason to live. That's a man you don't ask to turn down the music because it might just be the last thing to set him over the edge. 
Live a peaceful life and take my advice. 
Still not sure? Check out these amazing testimonials:

"Dang, Pixelsunshine over on Fiverr put my b*tch a** in jail. But it was there I met the love of my life!"

"I was told that I should drive to Ohio where I can purchase 100 chicken nuggets for $20 and to challenge myself to eat them all while listening to Adele's hit album '21'. I vomited profusely in McDonald's to the tune of 'Rolling in the Deep' and became an online sensation!"

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Tell me how to make things worse...

Send me your life conundrums and I will give you my full terrible opinion on how to approach them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the odds that this advice may lead to bowel issues and/or incarceration?
    Our experts have guessed that there is a 27% chance that you may experience some form of anal leakage whilst taking advice from Pixelsunshine on Fiverr.com, however this is only speculative and you should not be worried. We have no conclusive evidence concerning the likelihood of incarceration
  • Do you prefer surf or turf?
    While nothing beats going to an all-you-can-eat buffet and harassing poorly paid cooks about what is actually defined as a "medium-rare" steak, I have recently gained a soft spot for telling children that the brown line on the back of shrimp is full of poop and gauging their reactions.