I will make you a custom guided meditation

It is awesome exactly what I was looking for!!! Thank you so much!!!
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Outstanding Experience!
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make you a custom guided meditation
make you a custom guided meditation

About This Gig

NOTE: Please message with your needs before ordering! 

I'm a certified holistic therapist who guides clients though breath, chakra, and aura practices. I'm also trained in chromatherapy, and can incorporate healing color into my meditations, as well.

My guided meditations can help you relax, gain confidence, or help you overcome an obstacle in your life. Each recording is completely unique! You can find an example via my Fiverr portfolio and my Youtube channel:


After I speak with you and determine where you need strength and guidance in your life, I'll record the meditation and send it to you as an mp3. 

NOTE: My "Short & Sweet" package offers you one 2-3 minute meditation. If you'd like to request a longer meditation, would like background music, and/or would like full copyright to the track, please opt for my gig extras. If you're looking for a meditation over fifteen minutes, please message me directly. I also offer meditation packages.


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Short $ Sweet

I will provide you with a unique 3-5 minute meditation.

3 days delivery