I will mix and master your song or podcast

mix and master your song or podcast

About This Gig

Starting at $5, I'll mix your music using Logic Pro X and a variety of industry standard 3rd party audio processing plugins. Mixing is the process of adjusting individual audio tracks that make up the different elements of a song. This is the part of the music production process during which each recorded part is molded into its best possible self, allowing the entire song to shine as a whole! 

I will work with any genre, and every song will get my undivided attention!

Prices start at $5 for a complete mix of one song, and for another $5 I will also master your song to give it that "radio ready" sound. The basic $5 gig includes a full mix - level adjustments, EQ, compression, reverbs/delays, and stem processing. For the additional $5, the mastering addition also includes optimization of the final track for playback on any streaming or downloading platform out there. 

Turn around time on all work will be one day per song mixed, with an additional day added per song if mastering is also desired. 

Hear my work: https://soundcloud.com/user-946897155/tracks

Feel free to message me if you have any questions! Thanks :)

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Full mixing services

Includes EQ, compression, delays, reverb, and stem processing, with or without mastering

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