I will edit your PDF files

edit your PDF files
edit your PDF files
edit your PDF files

About This Gig

Do you want to edit and update your PDF documents? You have coem to the right place!

Briefly, I will do the following tasks:

EDIT TEXT: Add, delete or replace existing text.
EDIT PICTURES: Add, remove, or replace any picture/logo on the 
PAGES: Insert, delete or replace an existing page.
                  Merging PDF files into one file.
CONVERT from PDF to MS Word, Excel or Powerpoint file or vice 
PROTECT your document by setting a security password so it
   can't be edited without permission. (read-only)
ADD or REMOVE Background or Watermarks. (To remove these
   2, the file MUST have been created from an Adobe product)
  ......etc etc
OPTIMIZE for fast Web and Mobile view (by converting color mode
   to  sRGB)

For anything else, feel free to contact me first!

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