I will transcribe 15 minutes of a sermon and provide one blog post

transcribe 15 minutes of a sermon and provide one blog post
transcribe 15 minutes of a sermon and provide one blog post
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pdf page as image

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This offer is for first time customers; mention your church's name.

While transcribing a sermon is a very important part of the work of spreading the kingdom of God, some people may be willing to read an entire sermon. Praise the Lord for those who can, but the message you just gave on Sunday morning has an important message even for the less than dedicated reader.

I will transcribe 15 minutes of your sermon for you and then provide one blog post that you can use on your church website.

I have a Bachelors in Biblical Studies from Boston Baptist College and intend on pursuing a Master's degree in Theological Studies in the future.

Please find attached an example of a sermon transcription from the book of Jude.

Also see attached an example of a blog post I did based on a sermon; I make sure one blog post is less than 400 words and is based on the preacher's words. This way, you can reach more people with the message that God has laid on your heart.

Important: Please do not give me sermons that do not belong to your ministry unless you have written permission. I definitely cannot write blogs based on copyrighted material, and copyright exists the moment someone preaches something new.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you transcribe any church's sermons?
    We love all churches that hold to the idea that the Bible alone is the Word of God, I personally am an Independent Baptist. I am not opposed to transcribing sermons for our Catholic friends either. However, I am not into dreams, revelations, and visions outside of the Word of God. Please respect.
  • What is copyright and how does that affect your transcription?
    Copyright occurs the moment someone preaches or teaches something in a new way; in other words, the moment a sermon is preached (whether or not it has been registered with the government.) Therefore, I cannot transcribe sermons that do not belong to you or your ministry. I do check occasionally..