I will help on Biostatistics questions

help on Biostatistics questions

About This Gig

Help on BioStatistics

I explain Statistics in general and also BioStatistics for medicals, nurses, farmers, sports cience and biology.

Besides introductory courses same areas where i gave assistance in statistics problems are:
Sleep disorders,
Satisfaction of nurses with their work
Growing of cultures
Basketball players characteristics
Sedantarism and weight
Growing of different species
Genetic on populations

I also assisted on epidimiology analysis and on paper analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in 1 gig ?
    In one gig is included something that gives up to 10 minutes of work. If you need to analyse a paper with more than 3 pages or the answer will have more than 10 lines usually one gig will not be enough.
  • What if i have multiple questions ? How many do you count ?
    Even 3 questions can be counted as one. •What statistical method was used to test the hypothesis? •Why was it used? •Was the hypothesis proven or rejected? A question like this can will be counted as 2 •What was the confidence interval for the treatment group and for the control group