I will do a horoscope midpoints reading of your natal chart

do a horoscope midpoints reading of your natal chart

About This Gig


I am Dobrica and I have been involved in astrology, numerology and other similar disciplines for the past 29 years, and have performed thousands of readings for satisfied customers over the years. 

Midpoints are points in your natal chart that are located between two planets. Depending on the planets they are located between, each midpoint has a specific meaning to it. 

For example, if we take a chart that has Jupiter on 23 degrees of Virgo, and Saturn at 12 Degrees of Aquarius, their midpoint would be located on 3 degrees of Sagittarius. Since this midpoint (Jupiter/Saturn) represents a person's ability to be persevering and patient, and it's located in Sagittarius, it means that this person does not feel the pressure of potential failure and pushes slowly but surely towards their goals.

I will write 10 page midpoints report where I will calculate and explain all the midpoints in your natal chart.

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