About This Gig

I offer solutions to Writers and Teachers who are overwhelmed with tons of information about self-publishing simplify their life. As a self-published author of three ebooks and four online classes, my consolidated information saves time and money. 

Sell on Amazon and other digital platforms. With this gig I will send you my simple and easy to follow Flow Charts featuring: How to establish a Home Based Business, How to prepare an E-book to sell on Amazon.com, How to prepare an online class to sell on Udemy.com. I walk you through the steps needed to self-publish on the largest online platforms.  Best of all, I guarantee you will received multiple links for making it happen on a small budget.  You are one step closer to completing your dream.

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Check out my gig extra. Thinking of what to say to sell your book can be daunting. Order DIY Templates. These are easy guides for elevator pitches, descriptions, press releases and much more!

Gig updated: May 2015