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  I will give answers for your 3 questions regarding on your birth chart. I will give answers for your 5 questions regarding on your birth chart. I will give answers for your 10 questions regarding on your birth chart.
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About This Gig

From this GIG, I offer vedic astrology reading. So you can ask questions about yourself or your loved ones. One question wants to be in one sentence. Question should not contain multiple quizzes in different topics. I will give descriptive answers for your questions.

Each answer may contain 10 to 15 sentences. End of the answers, I give remedies for planetary malfunctions. If you like, you can follow those remedies otherwise you can give up that section.

I’m doing complex astrological calculations when preparing your reading, so few days will go for complete your reading. I use vedic astrological calculations which are using in Sri Lanka for analyze your horoscope.

For your reading I need, your extract birth time, birth date, birth city and country, your gender (male/female) and mutual state (married or not). 

About Me

I’m Buddhist, doing meditation and doing research in astrology. I had studied classical & modern astrology books.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is reading offering in English?
    Yes, I'm offering reading in simple English. Since 12 years I'm offering English version readings to people in Australia, Canada, UK, USA and many more countries.
  • Do you offering reading in other languages except English?
  • Can I ask explained questions?
    You can explain your questions without asking multiple quizzes on different topics. But you can give details about your main question as paragraph. Then I can easily focus my mind into your main questions.
  • Are you teaching astrology?
    No, I'm offering only reading.
  • Is your reading containing explaination on the theories rather than predictions?
    No, I'm giving only predictions. Complex astrological theories are difficult to understand by general clients. So it is wasting space in the reading. I like to give maximum predictions on your questions.
  • I want match two horoscopes for marriage/love, what package I want to choose?
    Premium Package ($55), because I want to deeply look inside their charts. So about 10 days will go for complete marriage comparability report. However if you need just scarcely analyze then you can select Standard Package ($15). Then I can send scarcely report within 5 days.