I will say good deeds for remove your karmic issues

say good deeds for remove your karmic issues

About This Gig

From this GIG, I will say what kind of good deeds that you need to do in this lifetime for remove your karmic malfunctions. Doing meritorious activities will help to boost your life into new dimensions. These good deeds are finding by analyzing your horoscope using Sri Lankan Astrology.  I have 12 years experience in analyzing horoscopes and advising good deeds to my clients in international level.

Good deeds are helps you can do for mankind. Such as teach some subject freely to student who is struggling to learn that subject. Doing offering to particular deity or wearing gem ring are also such good deeds. From your birth chart, I can find precise good deeds for your soul growth. I’m doing complex astrological calculations when preparing your answers, so 5 days will go for complete your reading.


For tell these facts I need, your extract birth time, birth date, birth city and country, your gender (male/female) and mutual state (married or not). If you don’t have extract birth time then this GIG is not for you. 

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Remove Karma Issues

I can say you good deeds you want to do for remove karmic issues from Vedic astrology