I will be your ghost and alien buster

be your ghost and alien buster

About This Gig

Is your house plagued by unwelcome ghosts? Are you bothered by a ghost, fallen, alien or other unpleasant creepy "God knows what'?

I will clear them for you and have them sent to the light.

Please order the matching extras to keep ghosts away for good.

Is there a portal in your house through which aliens and ghosts come and go? This is a major disturbance in a home and can make people get very sick or even lead to suicide. If you want your peace, then the basic extra for keeping ghosts away will not suffice and you need to add the portal closure extra as well.

You will have your peace again and feel free and much lighter. Very likely your  moods will change, anger will clear, depression will ease, you won't have such a short fuse anymore or alcohol or food addictions may ease or even clear with the ghost that may have been the cause of it gone. for affected properties it can mean they finally get sold or rented, people can sleep in there in peace etc.

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Ghost and Alien Buster

Is your house haunted? Is an alien or ghost bothering you? I will clear them for you.

2 days delivery