I will clear and remedy psychic attacks

clear and remedy psychic attacks

About This Gig

A psychic attack can not just make you feel off but can affect you to the point of having a heart attack, feeling stabbed or strangled, driven mad to the point of suicide, having your body get physically ill, you never being able to live in a happy relationship again etc.

Let's clear all this harm that has been done to you and restore balance to your body via the basic psychic attack clearing gig.

Often psychic attacks are combined with curses, I therefore recommend you buy the extra to clear curses as well.

Please also consider getting the extras for putting up barriers against future psychic attack and clearing the root cause beliefs that allow for such attacks to affect you in the first place if you don't want to find yourself a victim again in the future as often times, if curses or psychic attacks are placed by a "professional wrong doer",  they will notice the attack and curse has come undone and may try to reinstate it. Stay safe!

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Psychic attack liberation

Stop and clear effects of psychic attack

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