I will give you 500 Fresh MLM Leads

give you 500 Fresh MLM Leads

About This Gig

We can get you 500 MLM/Home Business Seeking leads, Looking to Join Your Home Business.

We've been helping people build their homes businesses with these leads since 2012. 

If your serious about sponsoring people into your Home Business, you need our leads. 

I'm looking forward to helping you build your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are your leads collected?
    The leads I sell are collected by email marketing and social networking, and have opted in to a landing page to know more about an MLM or Make M.oney Online/Work from Home business opportunity.
  • How are the leads delivered? Will you e.mail them?
    They come in an excel file with ema.il, phone number, country, and sometimes also IP address and/or physical addresses. You can e.mail them, phone them, or mail them postcards or flyers. I do not e.mail to them for you.
  • Do you guarantee that I will get sales from the leads?
    No, that is impossible. As I'm sure you understand, conversion depends on many things, their level of interest, the offer, your capability to close etc. But the leads are good and the majority of my customers have been satisfied.
  • Can you promote for me?
    Not to the lead lists that I sell, but please see this handsfree promotion offer gig: https://www.fiverr.com/planetwalker/advertise-your-online-biz-on-my-network-marketing-mlm-blog