I will give professional business tips and ideas

give professional business tips and ideas

About This Gig

5I have been in the business world for over two decades and have seen just about everything. I have worked at the executive, management and staff levels. 

I am known as a problem solver and here is your chance to tap into that knowledge!

For the price of a Basic Gig, you can send me any one (1) NON-LEGAL related challenge you are facing or just an idea you want to bounce off of someone. Think of me as a member of your Advisory Board for $5. I will take it, mull it over and give you my input.

What do you ACTUALLY get? Well, I don't know what your challenge or idea is yet, but I can tell you this: It will be sage, sound and honest advice that is useful!

I cannot solve every problem...but I can provide insight into how to approach or deal with them. 

Due to the fact that this is WIDE open, there are no refunds. After all, what have you really got to lose for $5? Even if you don't agree or like the advice, you were able to get a second opinion for $5. That is a deal in any business realm. 

*NO LEGAL* I'm not a lawyer

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