I will help you recenter your job search for success

help you recenter your job search for success
help you recenter your job search for success

About This Gig

After 19 years in the staffing world, I have spent most of the last 13 years advising job seekers on how to improve their search. The  ideal way to do this is to purchase the gig and send me your resume along with your LinkedIn profile. Tell me in your own words what your job search experience has been and where your frustrations lie. I will look it over and make sure I can add value  to your search and send you a message to arrange a time when we can speak for 15 minutes (or up to 30 minutes) about your search and directions YOU can take to make it go better. (In the rare event that I can not offer any benefit or useful advice, I will refund your fee and explain why within 24 hours.)

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Job Search Improvement

A telephone appointment to discuss your job search and how you can focus better to improve results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I work in a technical profession that most folks can not comprehend. How can you help me?
    Believe it or not the fundamentals of job search apply to most jobs where a resume or CV is required.
  • What kind of advice can I expect?
    I start with the obvious and work my way to job ideas (or directions) that you might not have considered. I also make suggestions for streamlining your efforts so that you can skip through the red tape and get closer to decision makers.