I will proof and edit English literature up to 1000 words

proof and edit English literature up to 1000 words

About This Gig

Distributing poorly written sales literature, or publishing anything that includes grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, typos, or incorrect punctuation is likely to result in you losing your audience.

An individual or business is judged by the documentation it allows to be publish and distributed on it's behalf. Poorly written sales literature hardly instills confidence in a company, it's products, or it's services. Likewise, letters, proposals, or any other forms of written business communications that are less than perfect can cost a company dearly in lost credibility. The same applies to company blogs, websites and newsletters.

Why Have Me Proof Your Literature? I've been writing for many years, and started my career as a proofreader. I also marked English exams while living in Germany, so I have a firm grasp of both American and UK English. I can, and will, return to you a 100% perfect proof read, fully edited document. If your document(s) total more than 1000 words, please see my gig extras.