I will deliver you accounting templates

deliver you accounting templates

About This Gig

With these templates, you won't need an Accountant.  All you have to do is simply input the financial data, and your Financial Statements are automatically prepared.  Following templates are included in the package:

  1. Bills payable journal
  2. Bills receivable journal
  3. Cash book
  4. Cash payment journal
  5. Cash receipt journal
  6. Petty cash book
  7. Purchase journal
  8. Purchase return journal
  9. Sales journal
  10. Sales return journal
  11. General journal
  12. General ledger (for credit accounts)
  13. General ledger (for debit accounts)
  14. Trial balance
  15. Financial statements

All the templates are in MS Excel format.

All the journals are auto totaled and auto updated.  For example, as you enter the data in trial balance, the income statement and balance sheet are automatically updated.  (See the picture above)

Ideal for small and medium sized enterprises.

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2 days delivery