I will give a three card Tarot reading

give a three card Tarot reading

About This Gig

Tarot cards are a tool by which psychics and those with intuitive sense can help to determine what track our lives are on. They speak volumes about the world, and are unapologetically honest. It is important to remember, these cards do not tell an irreversible truth. They show where we are headed. The choice and the power to change the track that you follow, lies with YOU. 

I currently offer a three card spread. I use these as a past/present/future spread, to find insight on current problems, or to uncover what may lie ahead. Should you need some advice on how to handle an issue in your life, or if you are just curious about what the cards have to say, you have only to ask!

Order Details

2 days delivery

3-Card Spread

Ask a question, and the cards shall answer. This is a simple, three-card spread.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the cards really tell the future?
    They tell what there is to know. With that said, they respond best to direct and intentional questions. If your reading seems like it is "off" it could well be that they have found and responded to a deeper question, or an unasked one. If you are ever unclear or what they have told, just ask!
  • Which deck do you use?
    I personally use the Universal Waite Tarot Deck, for the clarity of its images, both for myself, and for the customer. Though there are many decks out there, I prefer to use one that I have experience and connection with, to enhance my readings and their quality.