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compose A Poem Like This

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Once There Existed A Shepherd,
From Whom It Was Often Heard,That He Considered Himself A Leopard,
Instead Of Minding The Herd,
Was Interested In Poaching The Bird,
His Acts Were Smarter Than Anyone Graduating From Oxford,
And Expected Everyone To Follow His Word,
His Demands Being Rather Absurd,
Followers Ended Up Being No Better Than A Nerd!!!


----------------------------------Lost Tribe Poetry

This One Is About The Lost Tribe,
Which Flourished On Propagating Bribe,
Never Believed In The Doctors Who Prescribed,
Their Main Intention Was To Be A Scribe,
Anymore Of It You Still Want Me To Describe???

-------------Global Warming

The Globes Getting Warm,
And Look Its The Human Who Is Causing Harm,
By Excessive Usage Of Fertilizers On Farm,
The Effect Will Be Same If KIM Kardishan Holds On To My Arm,
Spare Me The Blushes I Never Mentioned Abraham!!

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