I will compose Poems And Rhymes

compose Poems And Rhymes

About This Gig

If Its Queens English,
A Task In It Which You Want To Accomplish,
Look No Further,. I Will Fulfill Your Wish,
If Not On A Platter, It Will Be Sweet Dish,
No Need To Put Effort To Catch Some Fish!!!    

I Will Compose Poems & Rhymes As Per The Scenario/Circumstances Mentioned By You.

If You Can Provide On What Topics You Want A Poem, I Can Do My Best To Do The Needy. Just Provide A/S/L Along With The Scenario on What You Need Poem.

My Main Effort Is My Poem Should Rhyme,
Else It Wont Stand The Test Of Time,
Even If Tastes Bitter Than Lime,
It Will Still Costs Less Than A Dime!!!!
So Want Your Cause To Be On Prime Time???

I Wont Fuss About Number Of Lines For Poems. The Best Composition, I Will Deliver. 
Another Example Of My Poem---->

If Someone Gives A Nazi Salute,
Don't Hit Back Just Because He Isn't So Cute,
That Is Brute,
In The Garden Of Eden He Was Just Having A Fruit,
Where He Failed Is In Playing The Wrong Tune On Flute,
Or May Be He Was Jumping From Plane Without A Chute!!!!
The Truth In This Poem Is Absolute,
My Intention To Get A Sale On FIVERR Is Resolute!!!!

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4 days delivery