I will trade you up to 30 custom Pokemon

trade you up to 30 custom Pokemon
trade you up to 30 custom Pokemon
trade you up to 30 custom Pokemon

About This Gig

Customize a set of Pokemon to fit your needs. Whether you want a shiny trophy Pokemon or a several teams to conquer the Battle Tree, I've got you covered. Do you want me to take the Pokemon you love and max their stats, give them some ribbons or make them shiny? I can help you out. Simply fill out the form below and I'll prepare the order for you as soon as I see it. 

Number of Pokemon wanted (1-30):
Held Item:
Pokeball Type:
Met Location:
Trainer ID:
Trainer Name:
Friend Code:

Feel free to leave spaces blank if you don't know/don't care.

Then add me on your friends list: Jade 4914-7160-4204 and I'll send you a trade request as soon as I can.

Note: Some Pokemon/move combos are illegal to use online. I can promise any Pokemon I send you will be able to be used online unless you request something Game Freak and Nintendo won't allow.

Order Details

Any Pokemon Fun Pack

I will send you any Pokemon you like (up to 30), and you can customize them as you wish.

1 day delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to order 30 Pokemon?
    No, you can have any amount from 1-30. If you only want one Pokemon, that's perfectly fine. If you want more than 30 Pokemon, you'll have to make two orders.
  • Are there any Pokemon or items that can't be ordered?
    Yes. Currently Marshadow cannot be traded online, along with Z-Crystals and some Mega Stones and Key Items. Some Pokemon have Hidden Abilities that aren't obtainable yet. Feel free to ask if there is a Pokemon you're curious about.