I will professionally test your pc or Android game app

professionally test your pc or Android game app
professionally test your pc or Android game app

About This Gig

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I've been a hardcore gamer all my life, and currently work at a web development studio where offering QA is one of my main duties. 

I will summit a detailed bug report, offer suggestions to improve the game, and give a 5 stars rating if applicable.

I have 3 devices to test your game on:

- Desktop PC, Windows 10 64 bits , i-7  3770  @ 3.40 GHz cpu, 8 gigs ram,1920x1080 HD display.

- Android phone Blu Studio 5.0 II, Android jelly bean v4.2, quad-core cortex-a7 @ 1.3GHz cpu, 960x540 display.

- Toshiba Satellite Laptop C55D-B, Windows 10 64 bits, AMD Radeon HD graphics, 1000 Mhz, dual core,4 gigs ram,1366 x 768 display.

The basic gig includes the following:
- 1 hours of playtest.
- I will take as many screenshots as necessary.
- Bugs report.
- Suggestions (if applicable) on: UI, music and audio, graphics, game design, monetization.
- 5 stars rating (if applicable).

Gigs extras:
- $5 Delivery in 3 days.
- $10 I will make a 15 minutes video of me playing for the first time. (PC video is made with a screen recorder, laptop and phone videos are made with an HD external camera).
- $5 one more hours of playtest. 
- $5 Test on more than one device.

Order Details

5 days delivery 1 Revision

Basic testing

Play for one hour, and deliver detailed report

  • Usability Test
  • Summary Report
  • Responsiveness Test
  • Performance/Load Test
  • Functionality Test
  • Browser Compatibility Test