I will create a fully mastered EDM ghost production track

create a fully mastered EDM ghost production track
create a fully mastered EDM ghost production track
create a fully mastered EDM ghost production track
create a fully mastered EDM ghost production track
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Description Standard full length track in .mp3 Standard Package (Recommended) Producer Package
  Include *Single Track See the last picture of this for more info. Includes, *Single Track, *HQ Audio *Pro Mix & Master *Copyrights contract *Stems Includes, *Single track, *HQ Audio *Pro Mix & Master *Project file *Stems *conntact
Commercial Use
Commercial Use is the use of a delivery for any business related use intended for profit.
HQ Audio File
Master-quality uncompressed audio file, such as WAV or AIFF.
Separated Tracks / Stems
Seller will include all instrumental elements as separate files (in addition to mixed track).
# of Instruments
The max number of instruments or recording tracks used in a composition. More tracks means a bigger, richer, multi-layered sound.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Recording Length (in seconds)
The maximum recording length (in seconds) included in the package (additional time may be available for purchase in Extras).
300 300 300
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
5 5 unlimited
Delivery time
  Select $45 Select $65 Select $120

About This Gig

We are group of EDM music producer we have been producing from 5 years.

DEMOS - https://goo.gl/XhiaUb  |  http://bit.ly/1gIKDII 

We are happy to announce our huge OFFER WEEK of the year. Now you can buy ghost produced track only for $45. 

Our regular rates are $80 but now you can have the same service for $45 . This offer is valid for very limited time, dont miss the offer order now. 

This are the service's we can provide.

1) A track, full professionally mixed & mastered
2) Track Project file, we can provide FL studio project file.
3) A contract, receive all rights.
4) Adding owned vocals, we can add your owned vocals on track 
5) Work with your steams and midi  - If you have your track but it is not sounding the way you want it then you can send us your song steams and we will create a whole new track from it.
6) Record label signing, If you want to get your track signed to label you can check our LABEL SIGNING service which is available in extras section
7) Song art, We make professional song arts
8)Adding non owned vocals, we can add a non owned vocal from sample pack

If you have any questions you can message us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you add vocals from sample pack which will suit in track ?
    Yes If you want to add small vocal/ vocal chops samples then we can manage to add it for no charge. But if you are looking for extended vocals then you need to order extra ($20). We will use sample pack vocals.
  • Which label you will get me signed?
    We are in partners with more then 30+ labels. it depends on your track genre and quality that which label will suit your track. We give 100% label signing guarantee
  • Which DAW project file I will get?
    We produce tracks in Fl studio and sometime in Ableton Live. It depends on track genre that which DAW we will select to make the track. But before buying project file make sure to ask us DAW name.
  • I have my own vocal, Do you charge for adding it in track?
    No we dont charge extra for adding your owned vocals.
  • Can you work on my midi and stems?
    Yes we can work on your unfinished track, you just need to send us your track stems and midi files. We dont charge any extra for it.
  • Can I get a preview of my track before I purchase it?
    Sadly no, we can't begin any work until a purchase is made. However, we have an extensive demo track links available in our gig description which you can check before buying!
  • What do you mean by "Contract"?
    "Contract" grant you sole ownership over the track. We retain zero rights after your purchase is completed. This allows you to distribute, sell & claim the track as your own, for life.
  • What is your privacy policy?
    When "Contract" is purchased, we give up all control & ownership of the track. We will never reveal ourselves as the producers. That is why we are Ghost Producers.
  • Should I provide a reference track?
    Yes, absolutely! Reference tracks are the best way to get your ideas across and give us the best possible direction for your track. Everyone is different and has different tastes, this ensures we hit the nail on the head and give you exactly what you want!