I will make you a horn section

Good Experience!
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Thanks for your service!
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Awesome Thanks!!!
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make you a horn section

About This Gig

Please contact me before ordering!

Sax Tenor, Alto, Soprano, classical Flute, ethnic Flutes, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, a touch of Trombone. 20 yrs of experience on stage and studios!

I do this by overdubbing, recording one instrument at the time to form the section, harmonies, hits, counterlines, glissandos, growls, you name it!
I can come up with the parts, or replace an an existing one, you can also send me a score or even sing out the parts you want me to play, I can also sync to video.
My main setup is Electro Voice RE20 going into a Tascam sd 32 into Audacity. Warm, simple and efficient.

Basic gig get you 15 seconds of music with 2 instruments, with the extras you can get more time (2 min per extra $50), or twice more instruments.
The 3rd extra is optional: If you want me to play the first note of a tune, I need a click, precount, 1..2..3..4.. or something before that  first note so that don't miss it! This extra is for me to set it up for you and is not necessary if the horns you need are in the middle of a tune.

Contact me if you have any question!!! I'll make sure you're really happy with the result.

Some sounds of mine on https://soundcloud.com/paulax