I will offer a 30 minute Distance Reiki session

offer a 30 minute Distance Reiki session

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Description 30 minute session. 30 minute session x3 30 minute session x7
  A single 30 minute Distance Reiki session. Distance Reiki sessions 3 days in a row. Distance Reiki sessions 7 days in a row.
Delivery time 1 day 3 days 7 days
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About This Gig

I'm offering Distance Reiki sessions for any physical/emotional condition as well as for general stress reduction and well being. Reiki is a gentle and effective method of energetically moving that which is stuck in our physical or subtle body. It is becoming common place not only in yoga studios but in hospitals around the world.

Reiki is universal energy- it is not constricted by time nor space, and it isn't created by me. My role is to act as a tool (a channel) to allow you to open up to the energy and allow yourself to fundamentally heal through the energy & wisdom inherent in your physical (and astral/energetic etc) body... (FYI It's healthy to doubt any healer that takes complete credit for healing someone with "their own power/ability")

If you are requesting healing for your pet or someone other than yourself, please indicate. Reiki is not a replacement for medical treatment, but can support holistic and modern healthcare in amazing ways. For a session, please provide a first name and location (just country is fine, or town too). I'll keep you updated throughout the process. For more session info, see the FAQ!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will happen after I send my info?
    I'll send you a message when I'm going to begin. You might want to find a quiet place to relax or lie down, or make a bath. Mindfulness, stillness, and relaxation can be very helpful to increase the benefits of the session. I'll do the session, and send you a message when it's over to check in :)
  • Can you do a session for someone else, my pet, a circumstance, world peace, etc?
    Yes to all of those! However, in a session for someone else, it's best to receive permission first. If you cannot, I can still do the session. It is very likely (although not guaranteed) they will accept/integrate the energy anyway.
  • Do I need to believe in Reiki 100% for it to work?
    Not at all! Belief doesn't really matter nor affect the quality of treatment. Openness to possibilities is far more important. Not really believing in it on a logical level is completely not a problem. Being open to whatever might happen in a session is most important- belief or not.