I will analyse your google analytics and provide improvement areas

analyse your google analytics and provide improvement areas

About This Gig

Your analytics should be integrated with google webmaster to analyse SEO

I will analyse
  • Your current month data
  • Audience 
  • Acquisition - channels, bounce rate, SEO, keywords, landing pages, 
  • Behaviour - most populat pages, exit pages, landing pages, pages needs improvement, site speed, srch
  • Conversion reports
  • SEO and will provide you keywords and respective landing pages 

  • If you want to check anything specific and do not want generic report, please send me what do you want, i will analyse that.
  • If you want both generic report as well as specific analysis, please buy extra gig for each specific question.

some examples of questions are - 
  • from sites you are getting traffic and visitors are landing
  • which seo keywords are working for your sites
  • which landing pages are getting most visits
  • which pages are the pages where visitors leaving site and need to improve etc

This activity should be done monthly.

Please give analytic access to me. Once you order, i will send you steps to provide access. 

Please note that i am not setting up your analytic account. I am only analyzing your analytic account

This gig is $15 but its launch offer - just $5 for JUNE. So hurry up

Order Details

6 days delivery

Data Analysis

Analyse data in google analytics and provide details which will help you decide strategy