I will communicate to evangelist Saint Mark on your behalf

communicate to evangelist Saint Mark on your behalf

About This Gig


I have a very strong telepathic and clairaudient power including clairvoyance and I am a master of healing. Because of this, I am able to allay messages to you from the angels or send messages to the angels on your behalf to grant you your wishes, goals, and desires within reason and according to your life's blueprint or purpose. 

Please do note: My work isn't for anyone who wants to manipulate or control how others feel unless of course it is being done as a defense of psychic, or spiritual attack. 

Whilst we are all able to connect with the angels ourselves...often our obstacles can become overwhelming causing us to forget our own strengths. We all need someone to uplift us when we cannot do so ourselves. For this reason, I am a lightworker, meaning I am a force of good and light *and often supernatural defense* for anyone who wishes to heal themselves or someone or something else. 

If this sounds like you, you've come across the right gig! Namaste & Blessings, -PowerfulMystic8

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Contact Saint Mark on Your behalf

I will contact Saint Mark on your behalf to help fulfill a prayer, goal or wish