I will do powerful root work for victory over enemies

do powerful root work for victory over enemies
do powerful root work for victory over enemies

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Description I will create a powerful triangle I will heal you from enemies attack What's in store for you after this
  I will create a powerful Bermuda triangle for victory over your enemies. I will send healing from an enemies attack against you. I will send powerful protection from this enemy further
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About This Gig

Your enemies always have something on or in their lives that can be disrupted or brought to the light. When someone intentionally causes harm in your life, you have the spiritual permission to fight back by any means necessary and thankfully more powerfully in a spiritual aspect. 

If you are under attack by any 'powerful' forces I a will act as a defender for you in your spiritual warfare and send the energy to the sender times 10 For you! Allowing them to focus on their own flaws and mistakes rather than nosing around in yours. 

If someone is intending harm against your family, life, mental wellness, relationship, or anything that keeps you happy in general you are qualified to book this gig. Also great for Gossip/Evil Eyes. 
Also, if you are in an unlawful or oppressive situation to any regard such as: 
  • An oppressive boss
  • Abusive spouse 
  • An enemy who won't leave you alone, etc 
This gig is especially for you!

 I face every level of magic. No matter it's source. I am able to stand in your defense in spiritual warfare. No matter what it is. I will use powerful root magic to get things justified on your behalf.