I will send powerful And positive juju to you or a friend

send powerful And positive juju to you or a friend

About This Gig


Juju is a powerful source of energy. To me, signifies a spiritual seed planted on your behalf in the universe. This seed can be both negatively or positively planted. Yet, as for now..it is of a positive nature. If you are looking for defense energy for things such as psychic attacks, check out my other gigs. Thank you! 

This gig will help bring good fortune into your experiences. All results vary as you and others are individual, even if you are a couple and seek the same results. Your vibrations  will rise and you will see an increase or abundance of blessings surrounding you. Especially if you are trying to open new doors of opportunities such as; New Move/Residence, New Job, New Relationship, New influences, etc...etc. 

Book this gig if you love Amulets but are unsure of which one to buy...OR if you just need a boost of good vibes sent your way!  

If you need healing see other gigs in inclusion, of this one. xoxo

I look forward to working with you! xoxo -Q (PowerfulMystic8) 

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Juju to empower

I will send powerful juju to you that will work even when complete