I will create an Amazon EC2 Instance for you

create an Amazon EC2 Instance for you

About This Gig

I'll create an Amazon EC2 server instance on the cloud based on your needs.

Service includes:
- Creation of EC2 Instance of the size of your preference (t2.micro, t2.nano, etc.).
- Installation of the Linux of your choice (Ubuntu/RHEL/Amazon Linux).
- Installation of basic software like apache2, php, python, mysql, etc. as per your needs.
- Maintenance and monitoring of the EC2 instance for one month (requires one extra gig).

Order Details

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Amazon EC2 Instance creation

- Creation of EC2 Instance - Installation and maintenance of basic LAMP setup

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should be the ideal instance type?
    That would depend on the size of your app and how much traffic you expect. It also depends on whether your app is RAM or CPU intensive. Generally speaking though, the t2.micro, which comes under free tier for first year, suffices for most use cases.
  • What OS should I install?
    It doesn't really matter. The available AMIs like Ubuntu, RHEL, Amazon Linux, etc. are all production-grade and any one can do the job of running your instance on the cloud.
  • Why do you need my Amazon AWS credentials?
    Credentials are needed to login to the AWS console and configure your instance.
  • What about backend database?
    The simplest solution is to create the database on EC2 instance itself by either using a file-based database such as sqlite, or installing an RDBMS software such as mysql or postgresql. However, if you need a separate dedicated database, we can create a RDS or Redshift instance for that.