I will create Google Chrome App for your website

create Google Chrome App for your website

About This Gig

This is an extra fast gig, delivered within an hour or two.

If you have a business website, it is recommended to have an app in each and every platform to represent your website. That makes your business professional and gain more popularity. 

I'm here to create a 'Google Chrome App' that appears on 'Apps' tab of Google Chrome, that has logo/icon of your business,  and it will take the users to your website's home page when clicked. 

As an alternate, or extra addition, i can make it such that it appears near right side of your site's address bar(chrome extension) and does the same task mentioned above. But these cannot be combined in single package. So when  ordering, let me know which type of App you want to be created.

I'll deliver this order within 5 minutes, if i'm online when you are ordering. I'll be online most of the time.

** If you want custom functionality for the extension such as injecting the scripts, showing popup/welcome page, etc, then please contact me before ordering and  check out 'Extras' and include the corresponding option in the order. **