I will make you fall in love with healthy eating

make you fall in love with healthy eating

About This Gig

I have certification in nutrition and I have studied food psychology and behavior change. I will not put you in a diet. Instead, you will become a healthy eater forever.

The problem today is that we eat food which is not supposed to be eaten. We have forgotten the taste of real food and it is not completely our fault. We eat what we are exposed to eat and we often don't even think about what we eat. Most of us don't know how a certain food item impacts us.

Some of us realize the importance of food we put in our body but simply fail. They go on a certain diet for some days and then they either lose the motivation or return to previous diet after the time period. The problem is that we are attached with the final results but we hate the process. The only way to make the lasting change is to fall in love with the process. That's what my training is all about.

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Deal of life

1-on-1 online coaching sessions mutiple times within a period of 1 month

29 days delivery