I will do targeting lead Generation

do targeting lead Generation

About This Gig

Despite of trying out numerous marketing strategies, you are not getting enough lead flow that you need to make your company into a billion dollar brand. 

1.    I will help you generate leads from your own website. 

2.    I can trigger different actions when a lead is generated.For example: Notifications through email and twitter actions.

3.    I will provide different statistics like conversion rate, page views, and domain views.

4.    I can create teasers which pop in your domain.

5.    I will provide you abundant data about the leads which is 90% accurate.

Reasons why you should choose me:

1) I am working in marketing automation from 2 years.

2) I have very good understanding of Marketing Automation as it is the Key to Sharing Strategic Insights with Sales.

3) I have professional, natural, and positive conversations with potential client.

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1 day delivery