I will create a audio cover with your own voice

create a audio cover with your own voice

About This Gig

This gig is only for the customers who can sing..
You'll get a cover of a song that you like with your own voice
send me the song to create a karaoke track
the type of the Karaoke track/backing track can be changed according to your preference.(It may be a Spanish guitar, piano version, or full backing track or the mix of some instruments that you need or any thing you want)

And you have to record a singing track to my guide track (includes: tempo and chord backing) from your smart-phone or equal one.
you must record it with out noises if there some small noises I'll cut them
And after I 'll combine/ mix the karaoke track and your voice track

approximately cost:
karaoke track will be cost about 50$ 
And the voice mixing cost about 20$
Some times this amount will be changed (decrease, or increase) because of the characteristic of your song.
first you send me your song then I'll send a custom offer 

Note: some pitch errors of your singing track will be corrected. 
According to your singing range and choice you can change your song's pitch and tempo (free of charge 0$)

If you want a sample (5$)

please contact me before you order

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