I will polish your query letter within 24 hours

polish your query letter within 24 hours

About This Gig

 Writers! If you're looking to go the traditional route of publishing, you know that you'll need a query letter. A query letter is basically your hook, what your book is about, and your bio. It should be short and sweet, but intriguing enough to catch an agent's (or editor's) attention really quickly.

When I started querying agents for my manuscript, I had a decent response. Within 6 weeks, my query managed to attract requests for fulls. My literary agent, before I signed with her, asked to see a partial right after reading my query. The day after I sent her the partial, she asked to see the full. Two days later she offered representation.

So, I kind of know a thing or two about writing that query letter.

My basic gig is $5 for one query letter. I will proofread and offer honest critique on what's working and what's not working with your query letter. 24 hours turnaround.  

Note: I cannot guarantee that my edits on your query letter will get you an agent. There is so much that hinges upon whether or not an agent offers representation, and while a good query letter gets you noticed, your manuscript has to deliver based on its own merits. 

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I will polish your query letter and offer great feedback