I will be your website moderator for 2 hours

be your website moderator for 2 hours

About This Gig

Glad that you found my Moderator gig.

I will provide the support you need to grow your website/blog/forum.

I have around 3 years of experience working as a moderator and can be a good asset for your business or company.

I can moderate user's comments they post, images they upload with three option which are Approve(Green), Filter(Yellow), Delete(Red).

I know most of you have regular person for this but in any case if they didn't appear for their shift then leave me a message just 1 hour before the shift starts(early if possible). I will be at your service.

I can do this single order for 2 hours. Multiple orders are required for continuous work.

Looking to get hired for a long term relationship if client is willing to hire.

Available 7 days a week. 365 days a year.

Note :-  Please strike up a conversation with me first before placing your order.

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