I will check your press release standard for PRWEB

check your press release standard for PRWEB

About This Gig

ATTN: For gig(5USD without ordering any gig extra), check your press release and tell if it meet PRWEB editorial guideline. 

Please order Part1, Part2, Part3 and Part4 to get a Full PRWEB Premium Submission 

Please read the description before making an order.

1. Please make sure your press release is qualified  

No Spam:  

·         “Work From Home” or  “Get Rich Quick” promotions

·        sexual enhancement drugs / supplements

·         Payday or short term loans

·         E-cigarettes, raspberry ketone, and green coffee beans

·         Any release where the words “buy” or “free” are used prominently

2. Please PM us before placing an order to let us check the quality of the PR. 

3. PRWEB is an expensive and popular service,  therefore the service has no refund. 

4. Phone number and email address in the sidebar can be verified, but it takes effort. (the sidebar will not be syndicated)

We will use our phone number and email address in the sidebar.  Please add your contact info in the end of the press release.

5. Your press release can be placed on hold easily because of grammars, format, and attribution, please revise it fast. After a week, the PR will be expired and we offer no refund.