I will provide business advice as journalist and coach

provide business advice as journalist and coach

About This Gig

I am a full time journalist, business owner and also coach managers of businesses of all sizes. Given the fact that being a journalist lets me see things differently helps me coaching people who run businesses.

There is no recipe that works for all businesses, but there is always a way to reach that "next level". While success can be measured, it is sometimes hard to go the next step to actually grow your business. It's the hardest part, as it sometimes means going new ways.

Here is where I can help you. 

This gig is basically a start point so we can meet each other.

I would like to ask you NOT to order this gig
because there is nothing I can deliver to you. I created this gig so you can message me and explain your situation and to tell me what you are looking for.

Simply send me a message, tell me about you and your business, what you want to reach, and I will come up with ideas and methods to make it work.

Once I have ideas, I can send you a custom offer on how to make it all work. That said, do NOT just order this gig because I first need to analyze how I can help you.

Once I have a plan for you and we agree that it works out, I am more than willing to take your money, but not now :)