I will get a better price for your hotel booking

get a better price for your hotel booking
get a better price for your hotel booking
get a better price for your hotel booking

About This Gig

Going on a vacation? I can help you save money on your hotel bookings.

Most of us look online to book a hotel at one of the major websites (Booking, Agoda, Hotels.com, etc.) Once we find the best deal and place an order, we usually stop following other deals that might be cheaper. This is where I step in.

I will check if there are cheaper deals for your hotel bookings at one of the major websites, and handle all the correspondence for you to get a refund for the price differences. The refund will be transferred directly from the website to your original means of payment.  

If you are refunded over 100$ I charge 20$. If you are refunded 50$-100$ I charge 10$. If the refund is less than 50$ or none, I only charge 5$.

I have already saved hundreds of dollars for travelers around the world. Try us out! You can go on your vacation with a big smile and some extra spending cash.

Order Details

1 day delivery unlimited Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am not sure how it works and what do I need to do?
    Feel free to contact me through the Fiverr mail. and I will further explain.
  • What should I do to get started?
    You can also forward me the email with your hotel reservation which you received from the website that you ordered the vacation from. I will check for a better price and if I succeed, you will receive a direct email from that website that a best price inquiry was open.
  • Can I try your service for free?
    YES. First timers can try one Gig for free. If you get a result that makes you happy please be kind to share it on your networks such as FB. If you are very happy you are also welcome to donate through my extras.