I will offer BIRTHDAY prayers, mantras and blessings

offer BIRTHDAY prayers, mantras and blessings

About This Gig

Perhaps the most meaningful birthday gift you'll ever receive (or give)
Unlike any other gift you've ever received or given

Here's what I'll do for you on your birthday:

- I'll light butter lamps and incense for you.
- I'll send you blessings during my morning meditation.
- I'll offer prayers for you during my evening aarati (prayer session).
- I'll chant a special birthday mantra in Sanskrit (Mahamrityunjaya - the mantra of immortality) for you.
- I'll chant the transcendental OM mantra for you.
- I'll quietly repeat your name many times during the day wishing you health, wealth, happiness and long life.
- When all's done, I'll send you a message telling you exactly what I did.

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