I will provide video Ad placer wp pugin for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
provide video Ad placer wp pugin
provide video Ad placer wp pugin

About This Gig

With this flexible plugin, you get absolute control over how your video is displayed, what calls to action your viewers see, and even whether or not the link back to YouTube is shown. 

Take a look at the power that's in your hands when you install this plugin on your site...

  • Uses the familiar YouTube system so there's no learning curve.
  • Easily create pop-up calls to action that appear below your video, so you can lead viewers to exactly the actions you want them to take. 
  • Create your own custom end frame--no more showing other people's content to your site visitors.
  • Automatically pause the video when a viewer clicks away from the page--your content is important, and you don't want her to miss it!
  • One-click turns off the player controls (yes, even on a You ube embedded video!)
  • No more link back to YouTbe, so viewers won't be pulled away from your site. 
  • Add unlimited calls to action to each --useful for highlighting important points or resources. 
Not Just For Sales Pages!"

Video Ad Placer is a fantastic way to make your sales- and squeeze-page videos work for you, but it's a powerful tool for your training as well!

Much Much more...