I will extract REAL emails from a targeted Facebook Page

extract REAL emails from a targeted Facebook Page

About This Gig

Are you struggling in FINDING LEADS for your Business?
WORRY NO MORE. You're now on the Right GIG!

For a basic $5 gig you receive:
I will EXTRACT 100 Emails from a Targeted Facebook Page into REAL Email Addresses that you can use in your Email Marketing Campaigns.

  • 100 Emails = $5 
  • 200 Emails = $10
  • 300 Emails = $15
  • 400 Emails = $20
  • 500 Emails = $25

In every Facebook Page I can't measure how many EMAILS to be extracted so it depends.
It takes time to extract Emails from Facebook Page so be patient!

NOTE that this are SUPER TARGETED EMAILS not just an ordinary email. These are people who are interested in a specific NICHE where you can sell product affiliates from AMAZON / EBAY / ALIEXPRESS etc.

Provide the Link of the FB Page you want to extract (at least 10K AUDIENCE) 
Copy the link & paste it here www.findmyfbid.com and CLICK FIND NUMERIC ID button. Copy the ID and save it in a notepad


  • If the List of Emails extracts is below the minimum no. of Emails which is 100 Emails, we can agree to CANCEL THE ORDER.
  • I provide ONLY Real Emails from an FB Page NO FAKES.


Ask me first before anything else. Thanks

Order Details

Extract REAL EMAILS from a Page

-I charge $5 for 100 emails extracted from a Facebook Pages. -You can use it for Email Marketing

2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if you extract only 99 below emails?
    If the no. of emails extracted is below 99 We CAN CANCEL your ORDER and REFUND your MONEY! Because I only provide the Emails that has extracted into REAL Email Addresses.
  • Why it took 2-3 days to EXTRACT all the EMAILS?
    I only use one PC to extract the EMAILS from Facebook Page, so it takes time. And I provide assurance that the Email converted are quality, cleaned and real emails from your specified Facebook Pages.
  • What will I send you to EXTRACT the real emails from a specific page?
    You must send me ONLY the Facebook ID of the page you want to extract emails. Please follow my Instruction in my GIG DESCRIPTION.