I will rank your website on first page of google

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rank your website on first page of google

About This Gig

If you need results within a week or short time, I am not your guy. Remember patience brings good results.
Google uses new algorithms to determine the order that websites are displayed in search results. Proper and updated technique is most essential to do the aforesaid. I make sure that my SEO is fully updated to the new protocols and the rules set by goog.le to rank websites.

I can take your web site to the first page of Googl e within a minimum timeframe of 20 days to 60 days. If the competition is high then it will take more time and extra steps to reach the goal.
Please understand that its a timetaking process, so do not expect the results overnight. Have patience, witness good results and remember my success is completely dependent on your success

Please order ONLY after consulting with me.